CryptoICO Listing



In the sub articles you can see how you can update information on the website.

Change logo

To change a logo, you need to upload your logo under /public/images directory.

Logo name in code can be changed on:



line: 19

<img src="{{ asset('/images/logo.png') }}" class="mr-3 h-6 sm:h-12" alt="Logo">


Admin Panel

Your admin panel after successful installation should be accessible with the URL:

The default login details, if you are using the SQL dump will be:


Password: password

Admin Settings

How to approve the ICO Listing?


Once the form is filled on the frontend site, you can view the submitted ICO on:

To approve or reject this ICO, click on Edit and you will see that option for "Status".


Also, once the ICO has been submitted you will receive an email that there is a new request.


How to update custom pages?


Pages can be seen at, you can edit any page you like and save to view the content.


Site Settings

How to change the texts on the website?

To edit the texts visit Admin -> Settings -> Site

  • To change site title you can edit "Site Ttile" input
  • To change site description you can edit "Site Description" input
  • To change site logo you need to upload file with "Site Logo" input and by this you will override the default logo of the site and it will appear in the menu


  • To change site intro you can edit "Site into" it gives you rich text editor so you can format the text the way you like and this text will appear in the intro of the homepage 


  • To change homepage meta tags for SEO you can change "SEO Title (Homepage)", "SEO Description (Homepage)" and "SEO Meta Image" by this fields 


  • To change footer description you can edit "Footer Text" it alos gives you rich text editor 


  • To add Tawk chat in your site, you will need to edit "Tawk URL" input with your Tawk Url, ex.:


  • To change support email and support telegram you can edit "Support Email (Footer)" and "Support Telegram (Footer)" and this links will appear in the footer


  • For contact reciver form you can change the "Contact Form Receiver Email" input to get the incomming emails from the contract form 
  • To change exchange page intro you can edit "Exchange Header Text" that gives you rich text editor and this text will appear in the header of the exchange page