Prime Token BEP-20 ICO

BEP-20 Token

BEP-20 Token

Smart contract file is located at


Token Customization

To get started you will need to decide the following parameters for your token.

Open the "Token.sol" file and find line 353.


  1. Token meta data


  • _name - Token name, for example Prime Token or Prime Coin
  • _symbol - Short name of your token. In this case PRM (Short of Prime)
  • _decimals - By default most of the tokens have 18 decimals. You can change this to whatever you want. 
  • _totalSupply - The number of tokens you want to create. Keep in mind that you will need to add _decimals * 0 after the amount. So if you want to have 1,000,000 tokens, you will need to add 18 zeros. It would look like 1000000000000000000000000

Token Deployment on Mainnet

Once you have made the changes on the previous step "Token Customization", now you need to follow the next steps to deploy your own token on BSC Mainnet.

Keep in mind that you will need Metamask with some amount of the BNBs to pay for the gas fees. Usually, it costs a maximum of 10-15 EUR.

  1. Open the
  2. Create a new file with the name "Token.sol".
  3. Copy the Token.sol file content into newly created file.
  4. Select version - 0.5.16
  5. Your metamask wallet should have at least 0.1 BNB!

If you have followed the steps now you should have your own token deployed on the BSC Mainnet. Congratulations!

Smart Contract Verification

To be able to interact with the smart contract, you must verify it.

To do so, open your contract on

The address looks similar to this:{Contract Address}#contracts


1. Click on the text "Verify and Publish"



On the textarea "Enter the Solidity Contract Code below" you must paste the contract code from the remix website.

4. Click "Verify"