Prime Token BEP-20 ICO

Contract Connection

Contract Connection

Now once we have deployed both smart contracts on the BSC Mainnet, we are ready to connect those contracts, so they would be able to work as expected.

Add Contract ABI's & Address

After all the smart contracts are successfully deployed you will need to open the file:


On this file line 10 with the code:

  presaleAddress: '0xf0bF2aE4356A755179AeeD0ed913BFf61715DC20',

Here you will need to enter your PreSale contract address. You can view it on

Also, change the networkId parameter to 56 (It's a BSC Mainnet)

Then you will have to change the

  rpcUrl: ''



Smart contract ABI's are stored under /src/contracts directory.


Configure whitelisted tokens

When you have successfully added the whitelisted tokens on your smart contract (Presale), you have to add the whitelisted tokens also on the frontend.

This can be done on the file "/src/environment"

 tokens: [
      id: 'BNB',
      name: 'Binance',
      address: undefined,
      image: '/images/tokens/bnb.svg',
      unit: 'ether',
      id: 'A',
      name: 'Aman',
      address: '0x74F1dCE9Fbe1b967CA827cC19a3Ca340C63c8367',
      image: '/images/tokens/empty-token.webp',
      unit: 'ether',
      id: 'B',
      name: 'Bhasker',
      address: '0x1dcBA95df67D549d037BC6E1E73E8da33c512AB4',
      image: '/images/tokens/empty-token.webp',
      unit: 'ether',

You can customize the names, and images and add even more whitelisted tokens.

You can use any token from the list here:

Deployment on the Hosting

Once all the configuration part is done on the project, now you are ready to deploy your application to the hosting.

It can be done in a few steps:

  1. npm install
  2. npm run build
  3. The command above will create directory "dist"
  4. Make a ZIP of the "dist" directory
  5. Upload it on your hosting via File Manager
  6. Extract ""
  7. Move the files from the "dist" directory to the main directory
  8. Open your website, it should be working as expected!


If you have any difficulties or issues with the deployment or you want us to assist you in deployment process, please contact us: